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Covid measures

Thank you for coming to our website. My name is Nicole Bryan(Nayr B. Beauty, CEO). I just wanted to take the time to assure our clients that we take on the proper precautions when it comes to making our products. As a healthcare worker I've always known the importance of making sure hands are washed and have proper precautions in regards to take in making sure our products are safe. As a CEO I made sure that I have all the proper PPE and other precautions I can use to make sure that our products are safely made for your use. Not only have I taken the utmost care to protect my personal family in this trying time but also I want to assure the NBB family that it is important to extend that protection to you. Please be safe everyone being mindful to social distance, wear your mask appropriately, and wash your hands often.


Take care,

Nicole Bryan, Beauty Creator and NBB CEO